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Does PPC Help In Generating New Clients for Family Law Firms

Digital Marketing has become crucial for promoting any products or professional services. Since most people look for information about companies on their computers and smartphones, you must have a proper plan to generate business leads online.

For starters, you need a well-designed website to showcase your services and expertise. The online presence of your business can help in reaching out to local, national, as international audiences. The strong online presence of your business also helps in gaining customer trust and credibility.

Law firms will also have to take a similar route to acquire new clients. After all, all the potential clients are online these days, not leafing through the Yellow Pages. If any user needs assistance on legal matters, they will look for lawyers online.

The first thing that they do is consult with a friend or someone they know. If that approach does not help, they tend to look for information online. They can easily find information about law firms on search results. Therefore, you must work towards making your website show up on the first page of search results to reach these potential new clients.

Does PPC Work for Marketing Law Firms?

PPC is used quite extensively by internet marketers as a part of digital marketing campaigns. Pay-Per-Click advertising is offered by many search engines and social media websites. Experts say that PPC is a highly cost-effective and sales-converting strategy for lawyers.

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing is one of the trusted digital marketing firms specializing in PPC advertisements. With special marketing campaigns like PPC for divorce Lawyers, they have been able to help many law firms in attracting high volumes of targeted traffic to their websites. You can contact them if you are looking for the best service providers to run PPC campaigns for your law firms.

PPC campaigns are a cost-effective method for driving a good volume of traffic to your website. It is also advisable for family law firms to use such services for local marketing. It is an excellent way to increase your business prospects. In the long run, it creates brand awareness among people. Your local presence also increases.

Effective PPC ad campaigns help in generating leads quickly when compared to other marketing methods. Make sure that you adopt proper sales conversion methods to convert those leads into clients. You will also need proper follow-ups to close the deals with your potential clients.

In what ways is PPC better than SEO for Family law firms?

SEO develops organic leads and increases traffic to your website. It can happen through quality content posting on high DA blogs and websites. Understandably, it takes months or even years for getting the desired results. Using PPC-based Ad campaigns will instantly invite potential customers to your website.

They take action immediately. As such, the number of people looking for lawyers at any one time is limited, but if they look for one, it is with a purpose. It is quite different from casual online shoppers looking to buy a pair of socks but finally leaving the website with no sale. People in need of lawyers usually get in touch with law firms after finding the business information online.

Of course, PPC is a bit expensive at the outset, but waiting for years to get organic traffic reaching your website is more expensive than generating leads through PPC. As a best practice, there must be a blend of both in your marketing strategies. SEO must be adopted along with PPC.

The works with content and posts must keep going. It will set a strong foundation for a later point in time. On the other hand, PPC is like a net that we throw in the water to catch fish. You get quicker results.

Key Benefits of PPC for Family Law Attorneys

  1. Pin-Point Marketing – We had briefly discussed this earlier in this post. PPC for Attorneys is the best way to do local targeted marketing. People who look for divorce lawyers usually have a need for The keywords you use to create PPC campaigns will drive traffic to your landing pages.
  2. PPC guarantees Fast results: Yes it does. With an effective Ad campaign in place, you will have many clients dropping by your website. You can easily convert them as your clients. More often than not, such clients shall become loyal customers for you in the long run. They might even recommend your law firm to other people.
  3. PPC for Attorneys is scalable: You can fix your budget and execute the PPC campaign plans. Based on the results you get, you can keep increasing the budget for the best-performing campaigns. You can try diverse keywords and use them for your campaigns. If at any point in time, you would like to reduce the budget, you can easily do so.
  4. Focus on Specific Geographical Location: As a lawyer practicing in a certain location, going for an international reach does not make sense. PPC will help you focus on a specific geographic location. It can be your city, state, or even a specific place in your neighborhood too.

Best Practices to Use PPC for Family Law Firms

  1. Set an appropriate budget for your marketing campaigns.
  2. Choose the best keywords that route the customer traffic to your website
  3. Create a professional website that has maximum information
  4. Keep the website infrastructure ready for massive traffic
  5. Look for the performance report time and again to make effective informed decisions

As a law firm, you must be focusing on your core business. Allow such campaigns to run independently with the help of trusted PPC consultants like ‘FORWARD Lawyer Marketing’.


A solid online presence requires a clear marketing plan. Using PPC or SEO comes under the master plan itself. Once the road map is ready, you can execute the steps one by one, see the results at every stage, and make alterations wherever necessary.

We always suggest the lawyers connect with marketing agencies that are proficient with legal terms. Also, look for the one that is vastly experienced in the field of digital marketing. As such, any PPC marketing campaign can be expensive, but it can be made cost-effective by generating excellent results from it.

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