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June 13, 2024
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Erasing Records Easy Now with the Kansas Expungement lawyer

The complexity that attaches to a collective accident or an act of terrorism requires recourse to the professional who is the lawyer and these both for compensation for the damage suffered and to participate in the criminal proceedings which will eventually lead to sanctions.

Based on our experience, the first advice we could give is to take your time before choosing a lawyer, and a fortiori, before signing any document such as a fee agreement.

While families are in times of vulnerability, they must beware of overly pressing and overly promising speeches.

Because they are spread over several years, the consequences of a collective accident or an act of terrorism require, on the contrary, to know how to take the time to reflect, a time long enough for the different families to take time to meet and that they can collectively meet several lawyers, if possible with already recognized experience in matters of disasters (accidental or terrorist origin).

  • Because a collective disaster often involves powerful interests (large companies, the State) and raises multiple legal questions, it is advisable to try to define a common strategy and to act together.
  • Acting together makes it possible at the same time to be more efficient, not to be isolated and also to reduce the costs linked to legal and compensation proceedings.
  • In addition, the quality of the human relationship that families have with their lawyers is essential given the length of proceedings.

The Kansas Expungement lawyer is precisely there, alongside the families of victims to answer any questions on this essential point, which is the organization of their defense.

While he can advise relatives of victims, it will always ensure that they are completely free to choose.

The Obligation Of Competence

High-level initial training

To practice the profession and register with the Bar, a lawyer must have completed high-level initial legal training (minimum of four university years, leading to a master’s degree in law, obtain a Certificate of ‘Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer (CAPA), which guarantees competence in all matters of law and rigorous professional practice and finally apply for admission to the Bar Council.


In addition, the lawyer can have specific skills recognized in one or more legal disciplines for which he has particular expertise, in the form of mentions of specializations conditional on obtaining a certificate of specialization.

Compulsory continuing training

Finally, this competence is guaranteed over time by an obligation of compulsory continuing training throughout the professional life of the lawyer.

Obligation Of Means

The lawyer is only bound by an obligation of means. This means that the lawyer cannot guarantee his client an optimal result for the case that the latter entrusts to him. Indeed, the exercise of the profession of lawyer is subject to the random nature of justice.

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