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Evidence you Need For Premises Liability Case in Bellevue: 

Proving the case of premises liability can require substantial proof that will withstand the judge’s examination. Your best chance to get that proof is when you work with an excellent personal injury attorney Bellevue who can conduct a comprehensive investigation for your case. A good lawyer will try their best to collect valid evidence and preserve it to present it to the court. 

What evidence is needed to prove your premises liability case?


Pictures are the first and foremost evidence that you will be needing. It is vital that you take pictures of the area where the incident happened. Try to take pictures of any evident carelessness on the premises which have contributed to this accident. Taking pictures of your injuries will help you better to correlate the evidence to your injuries. 

Property Records

Property records help to prove that the defendant was the owner of the property when the accident took place. This will ensure that your claim is against the right individual by proving his ownership of the property.

Report of your accident

It is crucial that you have written details of your accident like the date, time, location. If you have filed a police report, make sure you have a copy of it. If you have informed the owner, make sure you explain the incident in a written form and keep a copy of it. If you have not noted down all the crucial details, then it is suggested that you write it down as soon as possible.

Medical Bills and Records

Another crucial piece of evidence is a testimony from your doctor and all your medical records. Medical records and bills will show the seriousness of your accident and justified treatments that you needed to become okay again. Medical bills stand important for compensation that you might receive according to the severity of your injuries.


Get a record of the negligent party’s insurance coverage in addition to the property documents. These documents will help your lawyer find out the accountability of the owner of the property or any other parties involved. Insurance policies that cover premises liability set the records straight for the injured party.


Eyewitnesses are essential in such cases as they determine how the entire incident took place and how you were harmed. If a police report is filed, the police will take statements from the witnesses but try to collect contact information and names of anyone who was a witness to help your case. 

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