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December 6, 2023
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Personal Injury

How Dash Cams Affect Your Personal Injury Compensation in Virginia State

Dash cams are a boon for technology enthusiasts. However, these are far more useful than many drivers realize. In states like Virginia, the legal framework is a ‘fault-based’ jurisdiction. This translates to additional responsibility on your part to safeguard your legal claim for compensation with solid factual evidence. Since such evidence is essential, video footage from devices like dash cam goes a long way in proving your innocence, as well as furthering your compensation claims. If you would like to read about your specific legal concern, feel free to read free legal expertise on tomjacksonlaw.com.


Negligence is often the reason for assigning faults to drivers. Legal negligence also varies widely in its form. For example, drivers can be held for neglect for texting while driving, lack of vehicle maintenance, and others. Virginia state relies on a harsh contributory negligence standard in order to penalize drivers at fault. This is essential to keep in mind while applying for a financial claim. Most accident claims are denied in Virginia despite as many as 65,000 accident cases each year. Hence, dash cams are essential to safeguard your legal interests during a potentially fraudulent lawsuit. 

Potential Risks 

Dash cams in rare cases can also be a dual-edged sword. It can be used against you if you are at fault, and have neglected your duties while driving. Typically, dash cams provide clear evidence to further the case. However, many attorneys would still advise you to use dash cams in your cars. This is for two main reasons. Firstly, it protects you against fraudulent claims. Secondly, you can consult an attorney before submitting your evidence in the court. This is essential for dealing with third-parties like insurance. Insurance companies are liable to pay valid claims as compensation. Hence, once the dash cam proves beyond any doubt that you were negligent, the insurance companies cannot deny you your fair share of compensation. 

Financial Compensation

Despite the risks associated with dash cams, the US jury system plays an important role in deciding the claims of compensation. While this footage is important, without dash cams, such footage affecting the driver is often not available for prosecution. Hence, dash cams not only provide decisive evidence to avert negligence, it can also further your injury claims with sympathy from jury members. 

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