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 Is It Always Mandatory To Use A Lawyer Specializing In Personal Injury?

As we have previously specified, two phases of the procedure in the bodily injury law follow one another—first, the amicable phase, then the judicial phase.

Optional Representation In The Amicable Phase

A lawyer specializing in personal injury law is not mandatory during the first negotiation phase. Thus, it is quite possible to negotiate the amount of compensation directly. However, this area of ​​law is particularly technical, so there are advantages and disadvantages.

On the side of the advantage, it is the financial side since the victim does not have to pay a specialist lawyer. In addition, the progress of his file will not depend on his representative, and he will be able to follow his file live.

As for the disadvantages, the main one is the risk of obtaining a lower amount of compensation. The lawyer, a procedure specialist, and the bodily injury evaluation will negotiate much better than a layperson. Thus, the money not spent on a specialist lawyer is compensated since the compensation is often lower in the end.

To sum up, it is up to the victim to choose what he prefers to do in the case of an amicable procedure for compensation. Our advice is not to take the steps alone, at the risk of losing out on much higher compensation. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find that victims sign transactions too quickly with the insurers responsible and end up with very low compensation amounts. Feel free to find the best personal injury lawyer with our free tool.

Compulsory Representation In The Judicial Phase

If the negotiation fails during the amicable procedure, it will be necessary to obtain compensation to seize a civil court. To do so, representation by a lawyer will be mandatory. Thus, you will not be able to defend yourself alone against the insurance of the person responsible.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

First, it should be noted that the personal injury lawyer such as in Stracci Law Group for example is paid when the fee agreement is signed, but also according to the case’s outcome. Regarding the fixed fees of the specialist lawyer, they are mandatory. The lawyer will therefore have to specify his fees to you at opening the file. Otherwise, the fee agreement would be illegal.

On the other hand, about the costs of results from civil lawsuit for car accident, will depend on the amount of compensation received at the end of the procedure. Thus, the lawyer specializing in personal injury usually sets this amount according to a percentage that he specifies in the agreement. This percentage is not fixed, but, in principle, it represents 10 to 20% of the total compensation obtained. Do not hesitate to use our tool to determine the price of a lawyer specializing in compensation for bodily injury.

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