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Key Benefits Of Summary Deposition

A crucial part of the investigative process, a legal deposition takes place before a trial and communicates important details about the case.

With the sheer amount of information included in the deposition, it’s more convenient to refer to its summary.

A summary deposition consists of the key points of the deposition and acts as a frame of reference during the trial.

Advantages of a deposition summary

There are several advantages to using a summary deposition in a proceeding. Some key benefits associated with these are:

Useful during the trial and pre-trial prep

These can refresh the memory of a witness and create a reference point for an argument made by the lawyer. These also help strengthen the testimony as well as the presented evidence.

A deposition summary also helps an attorney during preparation for the trial. These are used to churn out important facts as well as rehearse for the actual proceeding.

Time saver

A summary saves the time of both the plaintiff as well as the defendant’s lawyer. It covers all the main points of the deposition and saves hours’ worth of time that would otherwise be spent to find a specific portion of the testimony.

These free up the attorney’s time, which is used to concentrate on more pressing matters related to the case.

Money saver

Most lawyers charge clients on a per-hour basis. When this time is spent going through long depositions, it could prove to be a heavy burden on the client’s pocket.

Using summaries, instead of the whole deposition, saves the lawyer’s time and the client’s money.

Improves the efficiency of the legal team

A summary deposition improves the efficiency of a legal team. It makes it easy for the lawyer to locate any inconsistency in the witness testimony.

It also helps a team function at maximum efficiency because they’ll have all case-related facts in front of them. The team can then confidently prepare for the case.

Final Thoughts

A deposition summary can be of great help, not only to lawyers but to others involved in the case as well. It streamlines the process and makes the proceeding easier and structured.

That being said, a summary deposition should be well-documented and presented in a way that saves both the time and effort of attorneys and paralegals going through it.

If any important detail is missed, a summary won’t be as effective and can cause issues further down the trail.

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