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Legal tips before filing for your divorce

Deciding to divorce your partner can be challenging in our lives; beyond the emotional and sentimental burdens, if a divorce is not planned; well, this legal process can become a very exhausting ordeal, which will take a long time to be solved.

If you have already decided to end your marriage definitively. In that case, you and your partner should take into account some legal advice that will make the process smooth, which will result in an excellent benefit for all parties involved.

Salt Lake City divorce help law firm recommends these four tips that will help you carry out the legal dissolution of your marriage in the best terms.

  1. – Joint Assets or Separate Assets

First of all, you have to know strictly under what legal term you married your partner, either by a conjugal partnership (commonly known as “joint property) or by separation of property. Having identified the legal modality of your marriage will allow you to know, with anticipation of the dissolution of your marriage bond, how the real estate contracted during the marriage may or may not be distributed.

  1. – Do you have older or minor children

Children are a fundamental part of the divorce process since, depending on their age and the activities they carry out, the judge will determine the obligations and agreements that each parent will enter into after the dissolution of the marriage. There are also other aspects to take under consideration, such as custody, trying to ensure that the process affects as little as possible emotional relationships or their rights.

  1. – Establish prior agreements with your spouse

It is very important that you previously establish agreements with your partner about the dissolution of the marriage so that the process can move forward more agile and quickly. On many occasions, the divorce process tends to take longer than expected; this is because it is difficult to reach mutual agreements where both parties benefit. To avoid that your divorce is delayed, the best thing is that you already have established with your partner, for example, agreements on the distribution of assets, visits, and time-sharing with the children, payment obligations, or pending debts, among other things.

  1. – Consider the resolution times by the court

The resolution times of the procedure to terminate your marriage vary greatly depending on the court where the judicial process is being carried out, since due to workload and saturation of cases, it may take longer than usual. So if you want the process to be completed as fast as possible, you must have all the necessary documentation in advance and comply with the legal and administrative requirements to avoid setbacks.

Conclusion: It must be remembered that divorces between the spouses can be by mutual agreement or when one of the parties no longer wishes to continue with their marriage 

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