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October 3, 2023
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Management For Law Firms In The New Market?

We have separated some expert tips on how delivering value through content in a digital marketing strategy for lawyers and sound management for law firms can make a difference in attracting qualified clients over the internet.

Digital marketing for lawyers, through the growlawfirm.com, was a way of sharing the lawyer’s knowledge in the area of ​​International Tax Law and ended up bringing clients and new demands for the development of a specialized office. With that, the lawyer changed the service system, starting a consulting phase, charging this initial consultation to understand the needs of each client.

The consultation lasts around an hour or a half, and the lawyer advises on tax, legal, and foreign exchange issues, offering a personalized solution for each client’s problem.

Blog As A Digital Marketing Tool For Lawyers

The content has always been very detailed on the blog, providing all the information needed to solve potential clients’ problems. It helps you meet the client’s needs as a whole, dealing with the difficulties of the legislation that turned a simple thing into something complex.

The lawyer began to see an excellent return through the “gratitude economy.” If you offer a person a lot of information to solve a problem, he feels obliged to reciprocate. “With that, whoever contacts the office is willing and already has the client profile that you want. In addition, most people understand the content and discover that they cannot solve the problem alone, even though they have all the information on the website”.

Those who convert the most used digital marketing for lawyers are the ones who deliver the most information in an easy and accessible way. The icing on the cake, what no one knows, is what makes the difference between successful legal marketing and not—always trying to be as specific and as surgical as possible, to start a relationship with the user and turn him into a client for the law firm.

How Do You Adapt To Digital Marketing For Lawyers?

First, the beginner lawyer who has just left college needs to seek some marketing knowledge to understand how this digital universe works. Second, it is necessary to understand how to win the customer without eye-to-eye trust, a handshake because now, many of the first contacts with potential customers are via WhatsApp.

Until recently, the client was suspicious if the so-called “digital office” actually existed, in addition to the “prejudice” with videoconferencing. Today, this was widespread after the pandemic and has become more regular. And many people have found that the format is suitable; it’s more comfortable to communicate with the lawyer from the comfort of home, without having to visit a physical office.

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