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Symptoms Your Child Has Erbs Palsy and How a Lawyer Helps

Erbs Palsy is a condition that will affect a child after birth and cause a variety of concerns that may make their life difficult. When you or someone you love experiences this problem, it is vital to reach out to an Erbs Palsy attorney right away to get the compensation that you both want and deserve. These professionals will do what they can to ensure that your child is safe from long-term suffering.

Why a Lawyer is So Important

Erbs Palsy is one of those conditions that doesn’t happen often. But when it does, a child will experience many symptoms that can be quite painful and hard to tolerate. Often, these problems develop immediately after delivery but may take time for parents to notice. Just a few symptoms to watch for if you’re worried that your child has Erbs Palsy include the following signs:

  • Trouble moving one hand, including struggles moving it through a full range of movement
  • Lack of movement in an arm on one side of the body, or slower, more delivery, and weaker movements
  • Inability to move the entire arm on one side of the body, even when the child can move the other arm
  • Lack of feeling in the affected arm or limpness that makes it hard for the child to experience sensations
  • An extremely weak grip making it harder for a child to develop coordination or fine motor skills

All of these symptoms should alert a parent pretty quickly that their child has Erbs Palsy. But what if their doctor is downplaying these symptoms or trying to deny that a child has them? There’s a good chance that they know they contributed to a child’s suffering and are trying to avoid a lawsuit. In this situation, an attorney is critical. They can help protect your rights, those of your child, and others like you.

Ways a Lawyer May Help

When a child develops Erbs Palsy, it is almost always the result of a doctor mishandling their delivery. Typically, it occurs when the head and neck are pulled to the side or if the shoulders are pulled too hard during a head-first delivery. However, this condition may also develop if a doctor delivers a child with their arms over their head in a breech. Whatever the case, a lawyer can help by:

  • Providing compensation for a child’s pain and suffering
  • Giving parents the money that they need and deserve for their child
  • Enhancing the ability to get treatment or surgery options
  • Punishing those who have done wrong and who deserve it
  • Cutting back on potential cases by providing real financial struggles
  • Letting doctors know that they cannot get away with poor treatments

Whatever the reasons for getting this compensation, it is important to know that most cases of Erbs Palsy can be treated in some manner. For example, severe cases may require physical therapy that helps a child compensate for the lack of movement in the arm. Less severe cases may even get surgery that helps to restore a child’s full range of movement to the affected limb with minimal difficulty.

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