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Types Of Child Custody In A Divorce Case

While divorce is a traumatic experience for both spouses, it is even more challenging to cope with for the children. However, if the spouses are committed to not disturbing their children’s peace of mind, they can find a resolution even after divorce. 

Raising a kid is complicated, and it becomes even more difficult when your child goes through a divorce. During such challenging times, your child needs both parents to support them emotionally. 

So, both spouses need to agree to give their children proper attention and care in the present and future. Depending on your divorce, the court will decide who will get the child custody. 

Several aspects are considered before giving child custody to any or both parents. If you are in a similar situation and wondering what is best for your child, consult a gig harbor custody attorney immediately.

Nevertheless, here are some options for child custody in a divorce case. 

Types of child custody in a divorce case

  • Sole legal custody 

Sole legal custody involves only one parent making all the crucial decisions for a child’s life. For example, which school they will go to, religious practices, health care, etc. Sole legal custody does not require the other parent’s opinion in a significant decision concerning your children.

However, getting sole legal custody of your child is a challenge. During a divorce case, the judge keeps the child’s welfare in mind before allowing custody to either parent. If you want sole legal custody of your child, you must build a strong case. 

A strong case involves reassuring the judge that having sole custody of your child is the best for them. If the judge is convinced by the case you make, they will give you sole legal custody of your child.

  • Joint legal custody 

Joint legal custody is often the best solution for children with divorced parents. This way, the child can spend equal time with both parents. Moreover, both parents will have an equal say in major decisions of the child’s life. 

Joint legal custody requires the parents to act as a team, just like they did when they were married. The only difference here is you have to be unanimous for your child’s welfare. If the parents cannot come to standard terms, the judge will decide the best decision for the child. 

In case you and your spouse plan to take joint custody of your children, make sure you contact your divorce attorney first. You and your spouse must fix a meeting with your respective lawyers to discuss the terms and conditions of child custody before presenting in court.

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