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What’s the Worth of My Personal Injury Case?

There are different types of personal injuries, and all attract varying compensation rates. After hiring an attorney, most people wonder how much they are entitled to, which depends on multiple aspects. Nevertheless, this is a complex question, and this is why you need an injury lawyer during settlement negotiations.

Here are common factors determining the worth of youpersonal injuries:

  1. The type of injuries

 You can incur minor or severe injuries from an accident. In case of serious injuries, these can be devastating and can significantly affect your life. The injuries may lead to loss of wages or sometimes disability.

 Accident victims suffering minor injuries recover quickly, but severe injuries may take longer. And this means more medical expenses, thus attracting a higher compensation amount. Examples of injuries that attract high compensation include; hard injuries like broken bones, head and brain injury, joint injury, vertebrae injury, and nerve damage.

  1. Pre-existing conditions

 If you had pre-existing conditions during the accident, the injuries could aggravate them, and you deserve a fair value for this. For instance, if your pre-existing condition was asymptomatic and painless, you deserve compensation if the injuries exacerbate your condition.

  1. Medical expenses and bills

 Your injuries may necessitate different types of treatment and, in some cases, specialized treatment. This can be costly and may lead to piling of medical bills. For instance, surgeries are more expensive than usual diagnostics. These may attract a higher amount of compensation than minor injuries. For this reason, your attorney will tell you to keep all your documents safely; they will come in handy during settlement negotiations.

  1. Shared fault

 If your lawyer can verify that the other party was entirely responsible for your injuries, you’ll likely get a higher compensation amount. However, in case of shared fault, this will lower your compensation amount. Witnesses also matter. They share evidence from the accident scene and will solidify the case, translating to higher compensation.

  1. Income& Property loss

The accident will impact your salary and wages, and you may be entitled to compensation. This will be equivalent to the money you could have made in the future if the accident hadn’t happened. This is a damage award based on future income and sometimes referred to as loss of earning capacity in personal injury litigation. Also, if your vehicle, clothes, and valuables got damaged during the accident, you can claim compensation or replacement for the lost valuables. 

Which is the best attorney for my case? 

There are different attorneys that you can engage. But hiring one with experience dealing with your type of accident or injury goes a long way. For instance, a car accident lawyer is experienced in dealing with auto accidents. Also, engage someone you are comfortable with; this makes it easy to share issues and ask questions.

Wrapping up

Not all personal injuries qualify for compensation. You must prove that you incurred the damages due to negligence by another party. If you can verify this, you get compensation depending on the nature of injuries and the amount of medical expenses. Your choice of lawyer also matters, and you’re likely to get the rightful compensation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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