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Causes of Divorce in Ottawa

Divorce is something that is too scary for couples. Divorce cases are messy and sometimes require the Ottawa Divorce Lawyer to sort the matter. In this blog, you will get to know about the causes of divorce. 


Money is the leading cause of divorce. If there is a gap in income between the partners, it becomes a primary reason for conflict. When things become worse, they try to get a divorce due to continuous rage. 


Cheating is yet another cause of increasing divorce. If you have an extramarital affair despite having a loyal husband or wife, it is called cheating. If your partner cheats, it becomes difficult to sustain the marriage and results in divorce.

Constant fighting

Though it is normal to have some fights when there is constant fighting, you tend to forget the love between you. When the arguments are more than normal, divorce becomes the last resort because these fights affect married life and professional life, and mental health. So getting rid of the bond seems an easier option than carrying the heavy loads of expectations.


Your partner is your best soulmate who stays throughout your life. But if that emotional connection is missing between a couple, it is something to worry about, leading to separation. So the absence of an intimate relationship is yet another major cause of divorce.


If your partner abuses you physically or even verbally, it leads to a loss of respect in the relationship that becomes yet another reason for divorce. Abuse should not be an option, even if you are in your worst mood. It not only affects your relationship with your spouse, but it is also a crime as per law. Seeking divorce becomes the only option left in such painful situations.

Drug addict

Everybody wants to flourish financially, emotionally, and spiritually. But if your spouse is a drug addict, your life becomes hell. Addiction deteriorates your health and affects the entire family, and therefore it also becomes a leading cause of divorce. Who would like to stay with a drug addict?


Gradually the number of divorce cases is increasing. While it is a messy situation to be in, if you are in it, try completing the process with as much grace as possible to prevent any complications. Divorce is not the end of your life. So don’t let it ruin your entire life.

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