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Questions to ask when hiring an embezzlement lawyer

Embezzlement occurs when you are entrusted with another person’s finances in business, and you illegally use the money. For example, when you are entrusted with access to your employer’s cheques, petty cash, and bank accounts, then you withdraw the money for your use. Embezzlement can also constitute a crime to the right of ownership. The denial of the rightful owner of property from using it comprises embezzlement.

Continue reading this article to know several questions you need to ask when hiring an embezzlement lawyer.

Is it necessary to hire an embezzlement lawyer?

It is an important question to ask yourself, especially when faced with an embezzlement crime. You need to be sure why you need a lawyer. Analyze the weight of your case and what it may constitute if you were to defend yourself. Will you be able to convince the prosecutor that you are not guilty? If you feel that you are not able to defend yourself, get a lawyer to take you through the prosecution process. Your lawyer will also give you mutual and emotional support.

What is a fiduciary relationship?

A fiduciary relationship must have been in existence between you and the other party. It is acquired when you are entrusted with the right to act on behalf of the other party, and you are supposed to work to the benefit and interest of the other party. This case occurs when a business has hired an accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll manager to oversee the company’s financial activities. If you use the privileges to steal the money given to you to control on behalf of the business, you can be charged with embezzlement charges, and so if you are not confident, you need to hire an embezzlement lawyer.

What are the consequences of embezzlement conviction?

The charges in an embezzlement case vary depending on the amount of money in question. Consequences also differ from state to state and other factors related to your lawsuit. That’s why you need an embezzlement lawyer to take you through all the possible outcomes in your case.

What is a common defense to an embezzlement crime?

Your lawyer should be able to enlighten you on the common defense to an embezzlement crime. They should take you through a coaching session on what to say when defending yourself in a court of law. You will have all the defense points on your fingertips.

How to protect yourself from embezzlement?

You need to ask yourself how you can be free from embezzlement crime and be alert to protect yourself. Develop strategies to save both the employer and an employee from embezzlement. Let the financial books be updated daily and checked by a qualified auditor. Let transparency be the essential virtue in your business.

Embezzlement results in a federal crime when it involves a misuse of state or public money. State employees and politicians mainly commit this crime. You also need to know the consequences of federal crime with the help of your lawyer.

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