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December 6, 2023
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Creating A Law Firm: Where To Start?

Whether you’ve just taken the oath or have been an employee for 1.5 or 10 years, the decision to set up on your own with legal software from Smokeball for example is a crucial step in your career. This decision brings with it its share of questions and decisions to be made—a real headache in an already ultra-heavy schedule. If you, too, are seriously thinking about creating your firm, I offer you a little feedback.

 Start Well!

First of all, if you are an employee, you must start by notifying your cabinet of your resignation. This will often go through a registered letter with AR or a hand delivery of a letter of resignation. To be sure not to make mistakes, take out your collaboration contract; the procedure must be detailed there. Whatever the case and the relationship with the members of his firm at the time, we make sure, before sending the letter, to have an interview with the partner with whom we work to warn him of his intentions. We remain colleagues always and above all! Also, we make sure to respect the profession’s ethical principles: courtesy, moderation, etc., etc.

 Alone Or With Others: Individual Lawyer Or Associate Lawyer?

Then, we ask ourselves whether we are moving in alone or with others and, if so, with whom. Some will choose to rent a single office alone and have legal forms software. In doing so, they are sure not to be accountable to anyone and to avoid any possible disagreements about the photocopier or the coffee maker.

Others will prefer, on the contrary, to rent offices to several people to avoid being alone, to be able to exchange files and share specific loads.

There is no better solution than another; it is actually according to the temperament of each one. It was unthinkable to settle down alone. After 10 years spent in a firm where there were many of us, I realize how precious it is to be able to discuss files, to benefit from life in a firm, and to support each other in the sometimes-complicated moments of our profession (difficulty of agenda, difficult cases, etc.).

If you settle in with several people, the question arises whether you create a structure with colleagues you know little about or with friends. In this second hypothesis, the risk is that professional disputes will tarnish the existing friendship. Indeed, it is not always easy to mix professional and personal life. Nevertheless, the risk of settling down with colleagues you don’t know or know little about is that “alchemy” doesn’t work. We then find ourselves stuck in an unsatisfactory working atmosphere. On this point again, a choice must be made according to his personality and his aspirations.

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