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Keep in Mind These Fathers’ Rights on Child Custody During Divorce

Divorce proceedings are emotionally taxing, financially draining, and mentally overwhelming–yes, even for men. With the right guidance and support from those knowledgeable about the procedure, such as Cordell & Cordell law professionals, you could make it a bit easier to go through.

Especially when it comes to matters relating to child custody, men tend to have a heavier burden to prove their involvement in parenting. Contrary to popular belief, however, more men actually do prefer to be as closely involved in co-parenting in order to maintain a healthy relationship with the children.

Here are some important things you should know if you’re a father dealing with divorce.

Divorcing Parents Have Equal Rights to the Child

One of the most common misconceptions is that fathers will automatically have fewer rights than the mothers on account of who takes care of and nurtures the child more. However, the delineation of parenting roles based on gender norms has been stripped away by modern parenting ideals, in which both parents have equal participation in the process of child-rearing.

From spending quality time with the children to providing for their needs, attending their school activities, and meeting with their teachers, all of these are tasks that fathers should be able to as well as the mothers today.

When it comes to divorce proceedings, therefore, there should be equal opportunity to have access to the child. Fathers shouldn’t be any less entitled to the children compared to the mother. Your divorce lawyer can help you assert your parental rights.

Custody Rights Must Be Honored by All Parties Involved

If the father is already awarded visitation or custody rights by the courts, then this should be recognized and adhered to by all parties involved. The mother may not refuse the father access to the child because of personal preference.

If this unfortunate situation occurs, the father may resort to filing a case against the mother for kidnapping, among others. It’s going to be an entirely different proceeding, however, and will most likely prolong the ordeal of court hearings, but that’s why it’s crucial that you get help from reputable legal services, such as Cordell & Cordell, from the onset. A lawyer’s knowledge of these proceedings and this kind of situation can help ensure that an amicable settlement will be reached by both parents for the sake of the children.

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