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The Role of an Employment Lawyer Toronto in Wrongful Termination Cases

Tackling wrongful dismissal can be tasking and time-consuming. An employment lawyer Toronto is beneficial when you want to sue your employer for termination. However, you will need to gather the evidence necessary to build a strong case. It entails having employment records and proof of the claims.

Also, a statement of why you consider your dismissal wrongful is essential immediately after you are fired. An attorney will use the information and evidence to determine the case strength, including the appropriate action. For example,  Ball Professional Corporation plays a significant role in their client’s cases and the entire litigation process.

A Lawyer’s Role in the Lawsuit

Winning a wrongful dismissal case by yourself is not easy. You may have a valid claim but cannot convince the court because of the limited experience and lack of knowledge necessary in the field. The perspective of a qualified attorney differs from yours. You should consult an employment lawyer Toronto before taking action on a wrongful termination case.

The legal experts understand labour and employment laws. They can interpret your situation according to the legislation and determine the case threshold. The law application will ensure you win the case, and it is why an attorney is essential. An attorney knows where to file the lawsuits since not all employment complaints go to one court. It depends on your location and the type of claims you have.

First, an employment lawyer Toronto will help you prepare the complaints to file with the ministry of labour agencies. After their investigations and findings, they will prepare the lawsuit. Also, they will serve your former employer with notice and file the relevant documents with the court to get a date for a hearing.  Following the proper channels when filing the case ensures smooth progress. The attorney will know what you need to fill and the procedures to undertake a lawsuit.

The Litigation Process

Your lawyer and those from your employer will share information during the litigation process.  They will handle the interrogatories and assess evidence on the wrongful termination. The interviews are under oath as each lawyer develops a deposition for the court hearing.

Lawyers can decide to settle out of court as the legal professionals mediate and arbitrate for a fair deal for both parties. It mainly depends on the case, and an employment lawyer Toronto can ensure you get reasonable compensation for the damages. Alternatively, the case can go for trial where a jury or judge will determine the claims and make a judgment.

The Costs

Most professionals in the field will not charge anything for the initial consultation. When you agree that a particular attorney takes the case, they will require payment on a contingency basis. It entails getting a percentage of the compensation you will receive after settlement. The rates are usually less than 40% of what you get, and they will have the agreement in writing. It should include the costs the firm will incur to file the case and undertake the process to its completion. If the lawyer wants you to cover the extra expenses, it will be best to negotiate for a lower rate.

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