April 20, 2024
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World’s Biggest Agent Service Firm Trusted by Millions Globally

CT Corp is the largest registered agent service firm in the world, and a representative of millions of business houses across the globe. The LA-based firm is the world’s topmost process service company that offers a basket of legal services and serves all court documents to its clients. The firm also provides software and service solutions that legal authorities require for their operations.

CT Corp is also a part of the celebrated “Big Four” Registered Agent Service Companies that have the largest worldwide operations. The company has the distinct honour of being the biggest part of the “Big Four” quartet.

Facilitating Legal Procedures at the Biggest Scale

Corporates are frequently involved in complex engagements that have legal implications at various levels. They need to monitor each pursuit authentically in the interest of its well-being security. However, there are occasions when a company is not able to handle a particular matter by itself. There may be several angles to such issues, which only an expert can comprehend and tackle professionally. No firm can afford to take company matters lightly, especially legal issues.

It is here that experts like CT Corp are invited by corporates to step in, as they provide solutions with the following services:

  •         corporate compliance
  •         corporate transactions governance services and solutions for managing
  •         statutory representation
  •         jurisdictional and securities compliance
  •         corporate due diligence
  •         matter management
  •         e-billing applications
  •         litigation support software
  •         trademark research

and more.

The above services are key concerns of most business organisations.

Distinct Range of Services Offered by CT Corp

The above services are key concerns of most business organisations. CT Corp helps its clients with serving legal papers at any Los Angeles county location. Since the company is sited near CT Corp in downtown Los Angeles, it delivers legal documents to CT corporation on a daily basis

 The firm also attends to the following matters:



Small Claims





Order to Appear

Restraining Orders



Unlawful Detainers



CT Corp caters to its clients by providing legal Service of Process and support at the following locations:

  -CT Corporation

  -All downtown Los Angeles locations

  -All Los Angeles county cities

Unparalleled Legal Process Service and Experience

The mode of operation of the firm is online as it is an internet-based Process Serving Company. Clients are requested to send their documents through mail, fax or e-mail.

CT Corp adheres to due legalities while carrying out any role it undertakes. At the same time, it pays due attention to the comfort of its clients by providing maximum support. For instance, it makes any number of service attempts to deliver documents at the given address as per its policy.

Further, it endeavours to keep service charges that clients pay in a reasonable range. e.g. if there is more than one witness or defendant in the same location to be served, the  first defendant served pays the base charge. The additional defendants need to pay only $20 each as charge that qualify as “served at the same time, same case”.

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