April 20, 2024
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Top 5 Causes for Medical Malpractice Claims

Doctors and healthcare professionals have an ethical and legal obligation to perform their duty with utmost care and precision. However, in many cases, it has been found that negligence and medical malpractice has led to severe consequences for a patient. Some may contract serious illnesses and others may suffer from irreparable damage.

All such cases of medical malpractice are considered a serious offense by the law of the land. If you or a loved one have suffered due to the negligence of a medical professional, you must learn to exercise your legal rights. Although a very trying and exhausting experience, it should not take your mind away from the matter.

Talk to Miami medical malpractice attorneys immediately, without losing valuable time. If you believe an injury or death has been caused due to the negligence of a medical practitioner, you can file a lawsuit and claim compensation.

Here’s a list of the top 5 causes for medical malpractice claims.

  1. Surgical Errors

In the operation theatre, the life of a patient rests in the hands of a doctor. Any errors during the procedure can be fatal. Surgical errors can occur due to multiple reasons. While some cases may be related to the administering of inappropriate dosage of medication, others may be due to carelessness caused due to a doctor’s fatigue and exhaustion.

Apart from these, severe cases of negligence are recorded when doctors leave surgical equipment inside a patient’s body. Some surgeons are also guilty of performing surgery on the wrong side of the body. All these errors are considered serious offenses and if you have faced any of these, it is time to consult a medical malpractice attorney.

  1. Errors During Childbirth

If doctors do not follow standard care protocols, the life of the mother and child is at risk. Medical malpractice claims can be filed when an obstetrician or gynecologist is found guilty of negligent behavior during childbirth. At times, improper use of forceps and vacuum extractors may result in permanent brain or nerve damage. If the mother or baby is injured or contracts an infection during childbirth, medical professionals can be held liable.

  1. Inadequate Medication

If doctors fail to prescribe an adequate dosage for certain medications, it can have severe implications. Patients can also suffer if a nurse or other healthcare professional is unable to provide the right medication. All these cases can be referred to in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

  1. Delayed Diagnosis

Healthcare is a specialized field and a patient’s life depends on a correct diagnosis. In the event of negligence leading to a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a condition, the patient may suffer from severe complications. It may even result in death. So, if you suspect malpractice or negligence, consult Miami medical malpractice attorneys right away.

  1. Anesthesia Issues

When a patient is admitted in the emergency or requires a surgical procedure, anesthesia must be administered after carefully considering the patient’s health. If an incorrect dose is administered, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, if a doctor or nurse is found guilty of not considering the unique condition of a patient, they will be held responsible for the consequences.

If you want an objective analysis of your case, consult a medical malpractice lawyer. With their experience and skills, they can help you to claim compensation for your damages.

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